The Avengers cast answer that age-old puzzle... the chicken or the egg.
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Robert Downey Junior: Well I would assume we are talking about chickens here, as in plural? It does take two to tango... yeah, so definitely the egg. *Grins*.
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Samuel L. Jackson: Are you kidding me? *Looks to the side at someone beyond camera*. He's kidding me right. Oh you're not kidding me. Yeah, well definitely one of the strangest questions I've been asked. Okay then. It's the chicken. Why? Well, here's one for you then. Why did the chicken cross the street? Yeah, you heard me!
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Mark Ruffalo: Wow, that's a deep question. Can't we discuss the hulk smashing things up? Right, okay, well I'm going to say the egg. Because who said the egg had to be a chicken's egg? And dinosaurs were first and they laid eggs.
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Chris Evans: Okay. Erm. Would go for the chicken. Without a chicken there can't be an egg. Right?
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Jeremy Renner: Good question. Scarlett?
Scarlett Johansonn: Oh no no no, you can't pass the buck to me. *Slaps Jeremy lightly on the shoulder*. Okay, isn't this something to do with the universe beginning?
Jeremy: Yeah, so that's the chicken then.
Scarlett: Okay, there you go - the chicken!
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Cobie Smulders: Oh, definitely the chicken.
Clark Gregg: No, I would have to say the egg.
Cobie: Why the egg?
Clark: Because you said chicken. *Flaps arms and makes chicken phwarp phwarp sounds*.
Cobie: Oh good chicken.
Clark: Yeah, can I have some fries with that?
Cobie: Ahahahaha.
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Chris Hemsworth: I dunno mate. Isn't that, like, a deep question? Ask Tom, he would probably be able to tell you. But as it's a toss-up fifty/fifty I'll go with the chicken.
Interviewer: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Tom: My goodness, I have never been asked that question before. That's a good question. Well of course such a question poses many possibilities. I think if I remember correctly... erm this question was first posed by some of our great philosophers.
Tom: Wasn't it Aristotle who said both chicken and egg must have existed at the same time? Erm, no child can ever be born without a parent because it goes against nature. I think that's what he said.
Tom: I remember reading somewhere that Stephen Hawking decided that the egg came before the chicken but I can't remember his argument for it. I suppose I better reread it. Ehehehehe.
Tom: But then of course there is the question of the egg and the chick being a metaphor to the beginnings of the Universe. Something can never come from nothing although The Big Bang Theory can of course be an allusion to that.
Tom: And the Bible which states that God created all creatures which would imply that the chicken definitely came first.
Tom: Wow, this is a very interesting and deep question. I definitely couldn't presume to make a blanket statement either for or against when there are so many factors involved.
Tom: And oh, then there's Plato. He wrote there is nothing new in the Universe. So when Earth started to exist both the chicken and the egg would have been there, waiting, in spirit.
Tom: *Drums fingers on chin and stares at ceiling*. I remember...
Interviewer: *Sticks out hand for Tom to shake*. Sorry Tom but I have to go interview, erm, someone else.
Tom: Oh, oh sure. Thank you very much. Really great interview, man. *Shakes hand*.
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